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Welcome to Smart Wellness & Therapeutic Massage! Your source for easing chronic neck, shoulder, hip and back pain. This is for people who are stuck behind a desk all day or for the people who stand for hours on end and those in between. Smart Wellness & Therapeutic Massage transforms those stressful minds into a peaceful body.

Located in Stillwater, OK.

Schedule by appointment only.

*24- hour cancellation policy for all appointments*

Rates + Services 

Satisfaction Guaranteed. Call or Text Jill at 405.380.6912 with questions or to schedule an appointment.

Massage Services and Add-Ons

60 minutes

Full body massage - say hello to all your major muscle groups.


buy 5 for $451 (5% savings)

75 minutes

Full body massage, plus extra time for 1-2 areas that need it most.


buy 5 for $499 (5% savings)

90 minutes

Full body massage, plus extra time for everything.


buy 5 for $570 (5% savings)


Additional 15 mins

Add an extra 15 minutes to your session when you feel like you need just a bit more time.


Scalp Treatment

Extra attention to your scalp - y'know like that amazing 10 minutes of heaven when you get your hair shampooed at a salon? Includes doTERRA's Root to Tip Serum.


Wellness Massage (60/75/90 mins): This is my house massage that is tailored to each individual. Each session is customized with doTERRA Essential Oils, hot towels, preference of pressure, and a range of different techniques.

Prenatal Massage (60/75/90 mins): Pregnant and miserable? Need to feel better, and hurt less during pregnancy? I am highly trained in pregnancy pain relief. I have no restrictions on how early or late in the pregnancy. 

Postpartum Massage (60/75/90 mins): Recover from childbirth, cope with sleep deprivation, and feel emotionally and physically better when you get regular massage therapy through motherhood. Start within 5 days of giving birth, and continue during those first 16 weeks of adjusting to life after pregnancy. 

Aromatouch Treatment (30 mins): This is NOT a massage, but a light touch session that makes you SO CALM. This is a skilled application of 8 doTERRA Essential Oils through light, rhythmic touch on the spine and feet, to promote feelings of deep peace, and to support healthy immune system functioning. Do this if you are feeling emotionally "off", or want to avoid or recover from sickness. 


Jill Ramsey

Licensed Massage Therapist 

Get In Touch

If there is anything I can help you with please feel free to give me a call or send a message. 

110 E Lakeview Rd Stillwater, Ok 74074

(405) 380-6912

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